Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Break??

Summer is in full swing around here. It's hot, just like a Kelowna summer should be. The garden is up and running and pumping out radishes at light speed. My ten year old son, Hunter, loves to find the best and biggest radish of the day, pop it in his mouth, roll it around in there, spit out the dirt, and chomp away. The carrots are still the size of toothpicks, but hey, a little anticipation is good for us. We are sliding in to our summer routine, which is routine. Every June, I determine that this will be the year that I am on top of things during the break. I will get up early three days a week and exercise. I will make a chore chart for the kids to follow. The house will sparkle with the care and attention it is receiving. We will take weekly jaunts to places yet unseen, hike the trails behind our house, and I will ride my new bicycle every day and ride my old horse twice a week. Oh and I will also write one hour every day. All this should be easy, because I am not working this summer, and I need things to do!
The reality is a bit different. We sleep in, skip breakfast, swim in the pool, have lunch, do a few errands, barbecue something yummy for dinner, swim, read and sleep again. What happened?! What is it about summer, this short Canadian season we all look forward to for ten months, that wreaks havoc with all my good intentions and plans ?
I think I am learning something here (maybe). Perhaps this is the season to allow our plans to fly out the kitchen window along with the cherry pits my kids love to launch out there. I think there is a beauty in letting the days slide into each other. In foregoing the gym for a swim. Letting the house get a little grungy. Maybe this year I can let go, and be okay with my non-schedule for a little while.
I do want to write, and I think about writing every day, so I intend to get cracking in that regard. And I fully intend to read every book in the large stack by my bed. And bike. And ride. And....oh, forget it.
Me and the fam are going camping next a Oregon. I'm sure I will have lots to write about when I get back.
Stay tuned.

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