Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break for Mom!

Spring break has officially begun. This, in past years, has been a rather dubious holiday. The kids get two weeks off school, with the promise of spring-y weather giving moms hope that this will not be a repeat of Christmas, with the kids cooped up in the house with too much food and not enough exercise. I have just finished cleaning the house from Christmas break so I am not willing to go through that again! However, Monday arrived with a fresh dump of snow...aargh! I can hear moms all over town groaning into their coffee cups.
However things are different for me this year. I actually have....wait for empty house! Gasp! This never happens around here. If they go to summer camp it always ends up being staggered, and with three kids the odds of them all being away at the same time are slim to none. But here I am staring two whole days in the face ALONE!! Victoria is in Mexico with her school, Hunter is at a friends' cabin on the coast, and Jordan and Terry are cat skiing in the Monashees. So I say, let it snow. Bring on the worst you've got, mother nature. I have sushi, wine and chick flicks up the wazoo and I don't need to surface until tomorrow night.
Of course when I first learned of my impending solitude I created grand plans in my head for all the soul searching and wisdom seeking I would do while alone. Write! Read! Journal! Meditate! It all seemed so noble, and right, and ... and then everyone left, the house was quiet. I could hear a pin drop. And it took all of three seconds for me to do the 'home alone' dance, waving my arms overhead, running through the house, yelling at the top of my lungs. Then I promptly went out and got my loot, raced back home, turned the fire on and.....watched two movies! Drank wine! Ate! And tucked myself into bed before midnight!
Ah well. I can do the noble things next time I'm alone. Let's say, in another twelve years.

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