Monday, October 5, 2009


I have been doing research for about a month now in preparation for writing the book. I love research! This is something new I've learned about myself in the past few years. When I started my interior design business I began poring over magazines, websites etc. and really enjoyed digging up facts and knowledge, whether it was finding out what a 'ghost' chair is or learning about the latest lighting fixtures, I was all over it. Then I planned a few trips. New York, San Diego, Montreal....and our biggest one to date, a home exchange in England. I literally had our dinner reservations booked before we left.
So, I knew that there were elements of my story that needed research. Locations, events, people.
I have really enjoyed digging in to these things, making notes, causing my characters to begin to come to life in my mind.
The question is; when do I stop? I could probably research forever and a day, and be perfectly happy. Well, almost. But at some point this must stop and the actual writing must begin. Am I procrastinating? Possibly, since that is a strong character trait of mine. Am I nervous to move away from something I enjoy and comes naturally, to something I enjoy (when I feel inspired) and doesn't always come naturally? You bet I am!
The dilemma continues......(but if you are ever curious about remote beaches of New Jersey, I'm your gal).

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