Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tapping Away

Well things are going pretty good over here in book land. I'm getting in to my groove, hitting my stride, making progress. Twenty one pages so far. When I look back on the last couple of weeks I am happy to see that I am getting consistent in writing every day. And if I don't write, I at least re-read what I wrote and do a bit of research. So, that's all good.
I must say, however, that every single time I sit to write 'Book' I struggle. Fear, doubt, insecurity....all my familiar friends come knocking on the door. It's a battle every time I sit down at the computer. But what I'm finding is every time I fight that fight, and choose to turn down the volume on those voices, my true self comes through and makes an appearance. I guess it's like working out. The more I exercise my will, the stronger I believe the truth.
Yesterday was a great day. I had lunch with a creative friend of mine and I dared to read over a few parts of the book to get feedback. Considering it's still a crappy first draft, that's always a challenge. But she graciously listened, and encouraged, and gave great feedback. She brainstormed with me about plot developments, and my characters, and how they could feel more true. And I came away with so much inspiration and fresh ideas I was floating!
So my lesson for this week? Take risks. Nothing new there, but actually new for me in the area of writing. The more I risk; whether it's sharing my work, or believing in myself, or writing about things I may not be entirely comfortable with; I stretch my creative muscles and grow just a bit each time.
And then the next time those voices show up, they're not quite as loud as before.

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